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LA Looks In the News – Fall 2014

LA Looks In the News – Fall 2014 Fall’s cooler temperatures and windier days means you’ll need the protection of LA Looks. This fall, reviewers loved the endless possibilities of LA Looks line of hair gels, and especially loved the new Red Carpet Collection. These 90s Beauty Products You Loved Are Alive—And Better Than Ever […]


LA Looks In the News – Summer 2014

As the weather turns warmer and the days get longer, it’s the perfect time to switch up your hair care routine. With the humidity making your hair unmanageable, make sure to read about the hype around Zero Frizz. Check out what people are saying across the web about LA Looks, just in time for summer […]


4 Tips to Take Model-Worthy Pictures

Sometimes the prettiest people can look like total swamp monsters in photographs. Why? Because they’ve never learned how to be photogenic! These fool-proof tips will help you look red-carpet ready, whether you’re snapping a sentimental family photo or submitting a your best shot to our LA Looks Model Search (for a chance to win a […]


The Four Most Common Hair Myths

Myth 1. The Cold Rinse While many stylists swear by a blast of chilly water after a shower, there’s no need to let your hair give you the cold shoulder. As it turns out, water temperature has no effect on your hair’s shine. That means you can feel free to jump straight from a steamy […]


LA Looks Cheat Sheet to Wearing Hats

Though it’s a myth that your head is where you lose the majority of body heat, winters can be quite uncomfortable with a chilly noggin. Hats are a great solution but, unfortunately, these are often tied to a common condition known as “hat hair.” Ladies, to prevent hat hair, L.A. Looks has a few tips […]


LA Looks Runway Fashion

No matter what hair length you’re rocking this season, we’ve got the perfect style. Prepare to look runway-ready with some of our fall favorites. Bangs are Back One of the cutest looks on the runway this fall is short hair with hot bangs styled with Polish Perfect gel to frame your gorgeous face. A Masculine […]