Styling Gels

Achieve Absolute Styling Performance with LA Looks® Gel’s unique Tri-Active Hold formula for absolute fixation, absolute resistance, and absolute durability.

Extreme Sport

Level 10 Hold

Available in 2 sizes
8 oz & 20 oz)

  • Activity Proof
  • Heat and Humidity Resistant

Are you the sporty type looking to get your game on without the hassle of unruly hair? The Xtreme level hold formula provides non-stop hold for any high performance activity even in humidity. Play on!

Mega Shaper

Level 9 Hold

  • Non-sticky for a smooth finish
  • Flake proof and alcohol free

Shape, spike, mold or slick your hard-to-hold hair into the style that will get you noticed. Mega Mega Level 9 hold provides flexible control that will last all day long without flaking on you.

Perfect Curl

Level 8 Hold

  • Moisturizes dry or damaged hair
  • Provides defined, frizz-free curls
  • Safe for color-treated hair

Love the curly, wavy look but hate it when you lose shape and definition? Get your hair ready for long lasting, frizz-free curls. Infused with Avocado Oil to naturally moisturize dry or damaged hair.

Max Spikes

Level 12+ Hold

  • Super-strong hold defies gravity
  • Wind-resistant formula
  • Stays in place all day

Do you aspire to have vertical style that maintains its strength and stays in place all day? Get ready to individualize and amplify your straight up style that will keep spikes locked in their upright position from sunrise to sundown. Power up!

Wet Look Gel

Level 10+ Power Gel

  • Tri-Active Hold
  • Provides a sleek, wet, just-out-of-the-shower look
  • Light Weight and Alcohol Free

This Level 10 extreme-hold gel contains Tri-Active Hold ingredients for absolute fixation, absolute resistance, and absolute durability to keep your style irresistible all day long — even in high humidity.

Flex Hold

Level 8 Hold

  • Touchable, natural-looking hair without the stiffness
  • Flake proof and alcohol free

Does your style need structure and hold without the stiffness? This flexible styling gel has Tri-Active hold for absolute fixation, resistance and durability to whip your hair into shape and lasts all day long.