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Back to School Style

La Bella Type

Summer is coming to an end, which means time to stock up on the most important back to school supplies: hair care products. First impressions are always critical so start your year off right with the hottest looks.

A+ for Over Achiever

La Bella Type

Girls: Braids are a clean, timeless back to school look. Skip the standard side braid or French braid and go for a more modern fishtail approach. Before styling, apply a small amount of LA Looks Mega Mega Hold Gel to a brush and evenly distribute it throughout hair to help prevent potential flyaways. Then, create a ponytail and divide it into two sections (unlike a traditional braid’s three). Separate a small piece of your hair from the outer edge of the left section and bring it to the right section. Tighten and repeat on the other side. At this point a braid will begin to form. Continue this process until you reach the bottom of your strands and secure tightly with an elastic band.

Guys: A coiffed, voluminous look always looks dapper. Prep damp hair with a bit of LA Looks Flex Hold Gel before blow-drying strands for a locked-in finish. Use your fingers instead of a brush while blow-drying for a more natural look. Style your sides, back and front in a downward motion while amplifying the crown area for some head turning volume.

Stylish Slacker

La Bella Type

Girls: Find flawless waves in a low maintenance routine by washing your hair before bedtime, towel drying locks and applying a dime-sized amount of LA Looks Nutra Curl Gel throughout tresses. Give yourself a tight braid and secure with a hair-tie. In the morning, remove the tie for beach-ready (or biology-ready) curls. Run your fingers through your hair for consistent waves throughout and blow-dry any spots that remain wet.

Guys: Apply a small amount of LA Looks Define & Shine Gel to damp hair and blow dry locks using a vent brush. Once dry, give your hair a side part, moving fringe over to your favorite side. Apply a quick mist of LA Looks Mega Mega Hairspray to keep locks in place.

The Ultimate Pro-Tip

No matter the hairstyle, it’s hard to make perfect hair last through eighth period. For touch-ups, make sure to pack the travel size of LA Looks Extreme Sport Gel in your book bag.

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