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Prom preparation has officially begun, but don’t let planning for corsages, dinner reservations and limo playlists get in the way of one of the night’s more important details: your hairstyle. Whether the style you’re after is an ode to old Hollywood glamour or an edgier Melrose look, here are some tips on getting the hair you want — and how to keep it up:

Look 1: Va Va Vintage

Girls: For a look that will turn heads and stay put, go for a vamped-up ponytail. Apply LA Looks Volumizing Mousse to damp locks before blow-drying hair with a round brush. Use hot rollers to create eye-catching tight barrel curls. Soften curls by gently brushing them before gathering them into a high ponytail at the crown of your head and securing with elastic. To cover the elastic, take a one-inch section of hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail, securing it with a couple of bobby pins. To ensure your night is free of flyaways, apply a dime-sized amount of LA Looks Define & Shine Gel.

Guys: Before you style, you’ll need the right haircut. Make sure the back and sides of your hair come to a taper and that your locks on top are slightly longer (about four inches). With your hair still damp, apply LA Looks Extreme Sport gel evenly, and use a fine-tooth comb to find your natural part (hint: the more asymmetrical, the better). Push the top of your hair slightly forward before combing it over to the side.

Look 2: Modern Day Makeover

Girls: For a half-up style with breezy waves, start with straight, blow-dried hair and create loose curls with a curling iron. Pin each curl to your head using a hairclip and spray with LA Looks Mega Mega Hairspray before unclipping curls and letting them fall naturally. Take one side’s section of hair and pin it back, and follow the same steps for the other side. Apply another small mist of hairspray to ensure curls last.

Guys: Keep it elegantly disheveled. With hair still wet, evenly distribute LA Looks Nutra Curl to bolster waves. Style your hair to your preference and let it partially air-dry. Help the rest to dry with a blow dryer on low heat, using your hands to continue styling the roots. Lastly, apply a small amount of LA Looks Flex Hold Gel for texture and definition.

Make It Last

So you’ve got the look, but between wind-prone photo sessions and dance floor entrances comes the hardest part: keeping it.

Ladies: Stash a comb, several bobby pins and elastics, and, if your purse can fit it, your hairspray. You never know which dance move might undo all of your hard work, so be as prepared as possible!

Guys: Make some room in your coat pocket for your fine-tooth comb and a travel size Extreme Sports Gel in case any touch-ups are needed throughout the night.

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