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Wooing Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking of ways to make it the best night possible. Expectations are always high on this day and you don’t want be left out in the dust. Read on for tips on impressing your special someone with impossible reservations, outside of the box gifts, and your most romantic look yet.

Save The Date For A Date

Restaurant reservations on Valentine’s Day are as hard to come by as a cassette tape these days, so plan ahead by thinking of at least three places that you and your date would be excited to visit. If all are full, don’t despair — consider a revisit to your first date spot even if it’s somewhere casual and low-key or opt for a romantic dinner that you cook yourself. Recipe blogs are endless and the effort will be what counts, even if the result isn’t quite five star cuisine. If your date isn’t stuck on traditions, there are plenty of ways to make the night special and fun – go for a romantic ice skating session, bundle up and head out for a daytime hike, show off your pipes and get silly at a karaoke bar. The options are endless as long as you plan ahead!

Go Big on Gifts

Flowers and chocolates still go a long way, but the unconventional route goes even further. In the week leading up to V-Day, pay particular attention to what your significant other might be wanting. Purchasing a gift they desire, but didn’t necessarily ask for, is bound to spark smiles. And if budgets are tight this year, don’t be afraid to go the DIY route. Bake something delicious (a heart shaped anything doesn’t hurt), or try your hand at a homemade paper Valentine with cheesy song lyrics that encapsulate exactly how you feel. Valentine’s Day is one holiday where being a tad overly sentimental is perfectly okay.

Looking the Part

Guys: Button and lace up, and opt for a sharp, Mad Men-esque look. Towel dry hair and distribute a quarter-sized dollop of LA Looks Mega Mega Hold evenly throughout locks. Use a comb to sweep hair over slightly to the side, and touch up as needed with more gel. Ladies: Follow his lead with a romantically retro look. Towel dry hair, and add a quarter-sized amount of LA Looks Define and Shine gel to the top and front of your tresses, and a smaller amount to the rest of your hair. Create a deep side part before wrapping your hair up tight in a sleek, high bun.

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