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LA Looks In the News – Fall 2014

LA Looks In the News – Fall 2014

Fall’s cooler temperatures and windier days means you’ll need the protection of LA Looks. This fall, reviewers loved the endless possibilities of LA Looks line of hair gels, and especially loved the new Red Carpet Collection.

These 90s Beauty Products You Loved Are Alive—And Better Than Ever – You Beauty: From the ‘90s to the ‘00s to today, LA Looks has prevailed as the leader in hair gels. You Beauty loves the new Red Carpet Collection and the minimalist bottle design.

L.A. Looks Review – Adventures of a Nurse: With LA Looks, Adventures of a Nurse says that you can skip the salon to achieve any styling look, from natural to extreme.

Back to School Drugstore Finds for the Face, Hair, and Body – Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog: For back to school basics, this blog highlights LA Looks Nutra Curl Moisturizing Gel and LA Looks Absolute Curls.

LA Looks Nutra Curl Styling Gel – Two Classy Chics: This blogger tried out the Nutra Curl Level 8 styling gel loves that it is avocado oil-infused, helping to naturally moisturize her hair.

WIN: The Ultimate Hair Prize Pack from L.A. Looks! Plus Details on Entering their Model Search! – Certified Fabulous: This blog gave away a generous gift basket with a variety of LA Looks products, and highlighted that the LA Looks Model contest.

Zero Frizz – In the News Fall 2014 

Zero Frizz Keratin Corrective Extra Strength Hair Serum – Hairspray and High Heels: For anyone suffering from chronically frizzy hair, Zero Frizz’s hair serum is an inexpensive and non-greasy solution.

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