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5 Tips for Travel-Proofing Your Hair

The holidays are a time of giving thanks, spending time with loved ones, and celebrating the season. Unfortunately for many, they are also a time of delays, layovers, and cramped travel conditions. Whether it’s a short bus ride or an all-day plane adventure, use our tips to make sure you look perfect after your travels.

Pre-Wash, Pre-Wash, Pre-Wash

It seems simple, but cleansing hair with shampoo and conditioner right before you head to the airport instead of the night before will make a huge difference. You will get rid of any excess oils that leave hair looking flat and dull after resting on the back of a seat for too long.

Make It Look Like You Just Showered

You look freshest coming out of the shower and many times, it can be downhill from there. Even if your hair is free of oil thanks to a pre-flight shower, you’ll still need help sprucing up. Airplanes are filled with recycled air that dries out hair and creates static. Stuffy busses and train cars aren’t much better. A few minutes before arriving at your destination, dab some LA Looks Wet Looks Gel in your hair and tousle. It’s lightweight with an extreme hold and creates the perfect “just-out-of-the-shower” look.

Pack Wisely

Your carry-on is a lifesaver when it comes to looking great while traveling. Make sure to pack travel-size LA Looks Extreme Sports Gel. At just 3oz, it’s TSA-friendly. Also, make sure to have a small comb or brush on hand, as well. This will make in-flight touch-ups a breeze and you will look great for whoever is greeting you at baggage claim.

Hands Off!

This may be difficult for those that love playing with their hair, but do your best to avoid hand-to-head contact. The natural oils in your fingertips and palms will make your hair greasy. A touchup with a comb or brush before landing shouldn’t be a problem, but constant brushing will lead to the same greasy end. If you have long hair, put it up into a ponytail or bun to avoid touching and oil buildup. Another trick is to clip the top half of your hair up before your flight. When you land, take the clip out and you’ll see extra volume, sans oil. Leave your hair alone and you’ll thank yourself once the photos from Thanksgiving dinner are on Facebook.

Plan for Weather

Weather apps are on your phone for a reason. If you’re traveling far, chances are you’re going to be dealing with new weather. Are you headed somewhere hot and humid? Bring LA Looks Extreme Sport Hair Gel–it’s specially formulated to resist humidity and keep you looking great. Is it blizzard season back home? LA Looks Extreme Spikes Hair Gel keeps hair in place, even when winds are strong.

How do you prepare your hair for travel? Share with us in the comments.

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