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4 Tips to Take Model-Worthy Pictures


Sometimes the prettiest people can look like total swamp monsters in photographs. Why? Because they’ve never learned how to be photogenic! These fool-proof tips will help you look red-carpet ready, whether you’re snapping a sentimental family photo or submitting a your best shot to our LA Looks Model Search (for a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles and a professional photo shoot)!


Go from Gloom to Glam

First, pick an outfit that is flattering but not flashy.  Put away your favorite graphic tee and opt for solid, bright colors that will look good on camera but won’t distract from your beautiful smile. Ladies, keep make-up simple. Mascara will help open up the eyes, but avoid heavy eye shadow that will highlight under-eye circles. Finally, remember that the camera will make flyaways standout even more in photos. Keep your hairstyle smooth and shiny by touching up with LA Looks Define and Shine Gel.


Dress Your Set

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your backyard or at a professional photo studio; make sure your set is optimized for the perfect picture. A lighter-colored background will brighten the face. Get rid of any distractions, like objects that don’t fit the theme or friends who might try and photo-bomb your shot. Pick a lighting that is soft and natural to smooth fine lines – anything too harsh will add shadows. Also, make sure you don’t have your back to your light source. You want the light to highlight your face; if it’s behind you, you’ll just look like a shadow. When setting up the camera, position the lens slightly above the subject to minimize the much dreaded-double chin.


Pick the Perfect Pose

You’ve dressed to impress and created just the right backdrop – it’s time to cheese it up! Celebrities spend hours practicing their poses for an amazing photo, so learn from the red carpet stars and never face the camera straight on. Instead, swivel slightly to the side to add more depth to your face. Keep your arms slightly apart from your body to make your biceps look slimmer and more defined. Instead of the clichéd duck face, part your lips slightly and smile.


Don’t Blink!

No matter how good your prep work, an amazing photo can be ruined by the inopportune flutter of an eye. If you find yourself blinking in photos often, ask the photographer to give you a countdown. Keep your eyes closed tight until he or she says one, and then quickly open them wide with your best smile.  If you’re still worried that you might blink, ask the photographer to use burst mode on the camera. This will take multiple quick shots with just one click of the button, ensuring that at least one picture will come out where everyone’s eyes are wide open.



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