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LA Looks Hairstyles for the Beach


Memorial Day Weekend kicks off beach season, and thousands will flock to the shoreline each day this summer.  Can’t wait to get out there in the sun, surf, and sand? Stand out from the crowd with these bold LA Looks hairstyles perfect for every type of beach goer.


The Surfer

Nothing says extreme thrills like a group of surfers riding a heavy wave. Make sure your hairstyle is just as cool as your skills with a look that is sure to last all day long.

For the ladies: A side braid is perfect for looking stylish while still keeping your strands out of your face. Start with a deep side part and gather your hair over the opposite shoulder. Divide hair into three equal sections and cross the outer right section over the center section. Then, cross the outer left section over the new center section. Continue crossing sections until there’s an inch of hair left and secure with a hair tie. Rub a dab of LA Looks Extreme Sport Gel up and down the braid so it’ll survive even the bumpiest waves. Bonus: Pin a bobby pin above your ear to mix girly with sporty.

For the guys: After a long day surfing, nothing hits the spot like a shore side cookout, so pack a bottle of gel for dapper looking hair whether you’re playing in the waves or on the sand. Use the seawater to slick your hair back and away from your face, and then comb a dollop of LA Looks Wet Looks Gel through your strands to keep that “just stepped out of the ocean” look all day, even if you’re on grill duty all night.


The Sun Worshipper

Waves too rough for you? There’s nothing wrong with being a beach blanket cutie. Try these hairstyles to look stunning while soaking up the sun (just don’t forget your sunscreen!)

For the ladies: Fake the surf chick look without getting into the water by creating beautiful, beachy waves. The night before your trip, sleep with damp hair in a messy bun or loose braid. When you wake up, let your hair loose and mist with water. Flip your head upside down to tousle locks into waves with your finger. Finish the look by rubbing LA Looks Nutra Curl Gel between your hands and scrunching your waves a few more times. No one will know you’ve never even stepped on a surfboard!

For the guys: The perfect accessory for any dude looking to soak up a few rays is a cool hat. Not only does it look great, but it’s also a stylish way to block the sun from your eyes. Choose a hat that fits your personality, whether you favor a vintage fedora or a sporty baseball cap. Let some of your hair stick out the front of the hat and add texture with LA Looks Mega Mega Gel.



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