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The Four Most Common Hair Myths

Myth 1. The Cold Rinse
LALooks-TheColdRinseWhile many stylists swear by a blast of chilly water after a shower, there’s no need to let your hair give you the cold shoulder. As it turns out, water temperature has no effect on your hair’s shine. That means you can feel free to jump straight from a steamy shower to a warm towel with no fear of lackluster locks. If you want to actually make your hair shine, try working a dab of L.A. Looks Polish Perfect evenly through your hair.

Myth 2. Regular Trims Make Your Hair Grow Faster
LALooks-RegularTrimsIf you’re going for a Rapunzel-esque look, you’ll be disappointed to hear that frequent trips to the stylist won’t help it come any faster. While a small cut can help control split ends, hair grows from the roots regardless of what happens at the tips.

Myth 3. Leaving the house with wet hair can make you sick.
WetHairEven though it’s called “the common cold,” temperature has nothing to do with whether you’ll get sick. As long as you’re avoiding bacteria and viruses, there’s no risk of sprinting out of the house with wet locks other than a freezing head. Bring on the antibacterial hand wash and bring on the LA Looks Wet Styling Gel.

Myth 4. You hair type never changes
HairTexturejpgIt may come as a surprise, but the hair you have today could be completely different in a few years. Common factors like stress and pregnancy actually have the ability to alter hair texture. Like all of life’s big changes, the best thing you can do is embrace it and try out a new look safe in the knowledge that LA Looks has products for all hair types.

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