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LA Looks Cheat Sheet to Wearing Hats

Though it’s a myth that your head is where you lose the majority of body heat, winters can be quite uncomfortable with a chilly noggin. Hats are a great solution but, unfortunately, these are often tied to a common condition known as “hat hair.”


Ladies, to prevent hat hair, L.A. Looks has a few tips to offer those of you contending with potential hair disasters. To start, be sure to add a dollop of L.A. Looks Define & Shine Gel to smooth hair at the roots and crown to keep flyaways at bay. Choose a loose-fitting hat that isn’t made of wool. This will reduce flattening and static. Make sure your hair is dry when you don your cap; wet hair is easily crushed. Take off your hat as frequently as possible. If you leave it off indoors to let it breathe, your volume can be preserved.

LA-Looks Hats

As for guys, it’s best to employ a hairstyle that isn’t too neat and Draper-esque, as it will be easily dented by a hat. Instead, try styles that don’t require too much combing and product; just a touch of L.A. Looks Mega Mega Hold Gel to set! Its flake proof formula provides all day control, so throwing a beanie or fedora on won’t wreck your look for the day. A good tip is to dampen your hands and run them through your hair. This will restore some body. You can also add some more Mega Mega Hold Gel for an additional boost. If you’re home, a hot towel wrapped around your head will essentially iron out indentations left by your hat.

Never be afraid of hat hair again!

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