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The Office-Ready Hair Guide

Being stylish in the office may sound like a contradiction, but it’s not. If you look good, you’ll feel good. And if you feel good, you’ll do your best work! So whether you’re the boss or an intern, your hair should be on point. Here are a few hairstyles for men and women that we love for the nine-to-five day.

For the Ladies:

The Classic High Ponytail

LAL_High_PonytailThis sleek look is an ideal option for the office worker with straight locks. It is equally professional and stylish. Brush your hair so it is straight and tangle-free. Next, take a little L.A. Looks Polish Perfect gel and spread it evenly through your hair as you pull it back. Position the ponytail one or two inches above your ears and secure it with a hair tie. You should be ready to take on the day!

The Low Ponytail


For you curly-haired girls out there, the low ponytail is a beautiful look inside the office and out. Simply gather your hair and pull it to one side of your head. Gather your hair about one inch from the bottom of your ear and twist it. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie. Give your hair a little texture by running a bit of L.A. Looks Nutra Curl with Avocado Oil gel. Look just as chic inside the board room as you would be on a night out with the girls.

For the Men:

Deep Side Part

LAL_Deep_Side_PartThis hairstyle has been around since the 50s, and for very good reason. It flatters all facial shapes and its quite easy to style. Wet your hair and apply a good amount of L.A. Looks Wet Looks gel. Comb your hair to the side and make sure it looks nice and uniform. You now officially look like you mean business.

Wavy and Top Heavy


For the guys with the thick hair, a long on top-short of the sides style is ideal. It is a natural look but is professional enough to wear with confidence amongst coworkers. To achieve this look, sweep your hair casually to one side using L.A. Looks Mega Mega Hold gel. If you want your hair to stay in place all day, take a blowdryer to your locks and dry as needed. It’s a look that will make you a star in the office!



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