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While celebrities come and go, these classic Hollywood cuts are here to stay. The simple elegance of these styles makes them look as good today as they did on the red carpets of yesteryear. With plenty of versatility and even more flair, these are styles you can rock with confidence all year long. Here’s a selection of some of our favorites and how you can achieve them.

High Chignon

Hollywood4LA_5For a gorgeous red carpet look, women should try styling their hair into a classy high chignon. This is the perfect style for dressing up a bad hair day or stepping out for a night on the town. Walk with confidence as you channel the grace and sophistication of a classic ballerina or a Hollywood starlet. To achieve this look, gather you clean, washed hair into a high ponytail. Gently tie the hair into a knot and secure it with a couple of bobby pins. Add a bit of L.A. Look’s Polish Perfect gel to help the chignon stays tied and gloriously frizz free. The heat resistant formula will ensure that you hair stays in place even if your legs tear up the dance floor. With its clean, simple look, the chignon adds a touch of French style that is sure to turn heads all day long.


Tousled Hair



From pin-up girls to modern day beach goers, tousled hair has been a go-to style for decades. Even if you’re not painted on the side of an airplane or sipping a cool drink by the shoreline, you can still sport this gorgeous look that’s perfect for women with medium to thick hair. The first step is to wet your hair and wash it thoroughly. Next, flip your hair forward and gently blow-dry it until it’s just slightly damp. Now grab sections of your hair, work them through with a dab of L.A. Look’s Nutra Curl gel, wind them into two-inch buns all over your head and pin them with a few bobby pins. Heat the buns until they are completely dry, then remove the bobby pins and get ready to dazzle.


The Gentleman’s Cut



From the greatest generation to today, the Gentleman’s Cut has looked terrific on men for more than 50 years. Add a touch of old-school elegance with a style that looks as good at the office as it does in a posh nightclub. While you may need to find a barber who can give you the classic short sides and back cut, we guarantee it’s well worth the trouble. After first washing your hair, comb your hair gently to the side with a wide mouthed comb to create a part running up your head. Apply a dab of L.A. Looks Wet Looks gel lightly through your hair to keep it in place and add a touch of silky sheen. Then, just comb down the left side of your hair and comb back the front section to create a classic quiff. Once you’re done, you’ll have a look to make your grandfather proud.


The Classic Bad Boy


Mega Mega Hold

Even without the leather jacket, the classic bad boy look is the essence of cool. From film stars to motorcycle rebels, this cut has a reputation for adding an element of danger to all the great men that have sported it. To achieve this style, first wash and then towel dry your hair. Push back the damp hair from your forehead so that it stands up straight. Go over it with a blow dryer to get that classic shape, then work a medium sized dab of L.A. Looks Mega Mega Hold gel to hold it all in place. When it all comes together, you’ll have a perfectly stylish look with a bit of bad boy edge.

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