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Get The LA Looks Look for Summer!

We here at L.A. Looks are not just interested in hairstyles, we are purveyors of all-around style as well! For us, style is more about the expression of your personality than the clothes you wear. That being said, the L.A. Looks style exudes a subtle cool; it is never gaudy or flashy. It is a mix of new and old, vintage and modern styles. The L.A. Looks style is for anyone and everyone! Here are our favorite L.A. Looks for the summer season.

For the Ladies:

Girl_OutfitThe Shoes: A pair of vintage leather boots sets the tone for an edgy and chic outfit. The leather gives off a little rock and roll without making you seem too grungy. Plus, they’re great to dance in!

The Shorts: Everyone knows that denim rules, especially during the summer time. Cutoff denim shorts are hip and will keep you cool during the hot weather. They’re easily paired with a wide variety of tops and will never clash with anything. Don’t be afraid to show some leg this summer!

The Top: A textured knit top may be reminiscent of the 70’s flower power style, but there’s nothing old about the look. For warm summer days, light colors are perfect; take it one step further and go for a white top. Wear it off the shoulder for a casual and cool feel.

The Hair: It’s no secret that we here love curls. They can be effortless but couture, always making you looks beautiful. They’re also great for framing your lovely face. Afraid that the summer weather will keep your hair frizzy and uncontrollable? Fear not! Use L.A. Looks Nutra Curl with Avocado Oil. The gel will moisturize your dry hair and provide all-day long protection, giving you frizz-free curls!


For the Gentlemen: 


The Shoes: Unless you’re working inside an office, ditch those black loafers and replace them with a casual and rugged looking pair of boots. Whether you’re taking a walk around town or headed to a party with your friends, casual boots fit every occasion.

The Pants: The days of neutral colors on pants are long gone. Colored chinos are a versatile garment that works in the office or on the weekends. Experiment with colors but don’t go overboard; maroon, salmon and baby blue are all great choices.

The Top: Despite the ever-changing rules of style, some things are constant: plaid will never go out of style. Pair a plaid shirt with a neutral colored cardigan for a chic and clean-cut style.

The Hair: For the coup de grace, a hairstyle that is neat but edgy captures the essence of old and new. Ask your barber to cut short layers at the top and cut the sides and back rather short. To style this hair, use a dollop of L.A. Looks’ Mega Mega Hold and run it evenly throughout the hair. Use your fingers to create a neat but subtly roughed-up look.

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