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Keep Your Hold All Summer Long


We don’t need to tell you that summer has arrived. We’re just as excited as you are. Summer means trips to the beach, long runs, hikes and entire days spent outside. What does that mean for your hair? Even through all the outdoor activities and elevated temperatures, you don’t want your hair falling out of place. So what are you to do? We’re here for you gals and guys. Here are our reliable tips for keeping your hair in place all summer long.

For the Ladies


Polish Perfect





As you probably know, along with the summer comes that dreaded humidity. This means that your hair is more susceptible to frizz and drying, both of which are no good for any style. For these moments, we recommend L.A. Looks’ Polish Perfect gel. The advanced formula in the gel works to coat your hair’s cuticles to tame your frizz. Not only is it humidity resistant, but its Micro-Crystalline ingredients make your hair shine in the summer sun. Apply a dollop of the Polish Perfect gel and style as you will. After that, let the gel work its magic and let everyone marvel at your frizz-free hair all day long!

For the Men








After a winter of being cooped up inside, we know that you’re eager to get outside and enjoy the summer sun. A healthy dose of vitamin D is always recommended. But whether you’re outside playing sports, taking a walk, spending a night out on the town or simply enjoying some fresh air, the heat and sun can turn your well-kept hair into an untamed mess. For the active men out there, we recommend L.A. Looks’ Sport Xtreme. Use a healthy amount of this gel and run it through your hair, making sure to apply it evenly throughout. Your fingertips will be your best styling tool when using Sport Xtreme. After that, it’s game on!


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