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The Perfect Hairstyle for Every Concert


One of our favorite things about the spring and summer seasons is the flood of concerts to go to. From outdoor dance fests to big stadium extravaganzas, the warm weather brings on a plethora of live music.  We here at L.A. Looks believe in finding the right hair for the right occasion. So without further ado, here are six different hairstyles to wear when going to six different concerts.

The Indie Darling


For indie-rock concerts where the mood is mellow and the music’s pace is a little more laid-back, this classic look for men is best. If you have shaggy hair, all you need to do is run a little bit of L.A. Looks Mega Hold styling gel through your hair and tease it downwards. This will keep your hair down all day long with a smooth finish that promises no flaking. The Indie Darling will make you look at home onstage as well as in the crowd.

The Punk Faux Hawk


Half the fun of going to a punk show is the energy that the crowd provides. To fit right in, style your hair into a faux hawk. The long hair spiked on top makes it easy to head bang and mosh with attitude. Simply take a healthy amount of L.A. Looks Power Spikes, apply to your hair and lift it up from the roots to make spikes. No matter the climate, the Power Spikes gel is wind-resistant and keeps your hair up anywhere you go. Get ready to rock!

The Country Pompadour

country pomp

This is a vintage ‘do that has come back. Like country legends, the pompadour will never go out of style and is perfect for getting that rockabilly look at country shows. Keep the sides of your hair short and the top of your hair longer. Now, first apply your L.A. Looks Wet Look liberally to get that greaser shine while keeping your hair fixed and upright. Then, take a comb and flip your hair upwards, then back. Get ready to shake, rattle and roll.

Dance Club Chic

dance club

At dance parties, ladies have the challenge of wearing a hairstyle that will look gorgeous as they dance the night away. That’s why we love this  flowing look. It is elegant, but also feels great loose when dancing.  To jazz up your hair even more, put a little L.A. Looks Sport Xtreme gel and spread evenly throughout your hair before blowdrying it thoroughly. Now, feel free to dance the night away with no worry of humidity wrecking your beautiful hair.

The Rude Gal

rude gal

At hip-hop shows, a little more edge in your hair can go a long way. We love this modern style for its sexy attitude. The short sides allow the strands on top to shine and frame the face. The high-volume on the top can be achieved by using L.A. Looks Polish Perfect to add some pouf to the ‘do while keeping the unwanted frizz away. This look is sure to turn some heads.

The Diva 


When going to a soulful pop-show, big hair is beautiful. On these occasions, this diva-tastic hairstyle is the only way to go.  Simply get a blow-dryer and a comb and tease your hair until it’s as big as you want it to be. Finish it off with L.A. Looks Nutra Curl to preserve those lovely waves all night long while keeping your lovely hair moisturized the way it deserves to be.

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