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Though awards season has come and gone, we can’t forget about those gorgeous hairstyles that our favorite stars strutted out with. This year’s crop was a mix of classic Hollywood cuts with some modern day flair. Each style is versatile, but classy. Here are some of our favorite looks from awards season, and how to achieve them.

Deep Side-Part

LAL_0000_Layer Comp 1

For the stunning old Hollywood style, women should try styling their hair into the deep side-part. This style is perfect for a night out on the town or a black tie affair. It is a glamorous look, guaranteed to turn heads throughout the evening. You can perfect the deep side-part by prepping your hair with L.A. Looks’ Polish Perfect gel to help style and hold your hair. The frizz-free control and humidity-resistant formula will keep your hair as gorgeous at the end of the night as it was when you first stepped out of the house. If you want to add curls, use a one-inch curling iron to curl small sections of your hair and pin them with bobby pins. Get ready for a night on the town!

Short Bob

LAL_0001_Layer Comp 2

This old bombshell style is back with a vengeance. The bob is a dignified look that can show off your wonderful neck and jawlines. Confidence and independence are exuded when wearing a bob. This hairstyle works best with those with medium to thin hair. Style the bob by blow drying your hair with a round brush, use a curling iron to curl the ends of your hair and use Polish Perfect gel to keep the hold, as well as give your hair an incredible shine.

Casual Side Sweep

LAL_0002_Layer Comp 3

This look is perpetually in style and looks terrific on pretty much everyone. Wear it to the office, a concert or a night out at the clubs and you’ll look confident and stylish. Carefree layers on thick to medium hair work best with this hairstyle. To achieve this look, take a small amount of L.A. Looks Mega Mega Hold gel and run it through your hair with your fingers, spreading it out evenly. Using the gel will keep your hair in place all day long without the worry of any flaking. Once the gel has dried, you’re ready to rock.

Tousled Hair 

LAL_0003_Layer Comp 4

There is just something infinitely dashing about a gentleman with slightly tousled hair. In the right situation, it can stand out in the best way possible. Casual but deliberate, this hairstyle works well with those with thick and slightly curly hair. Paired with a great suit, this look has a great balance to it, perfect for any occasion. To perfect this hairstyle, take a little bit of L.A. Looks Wet Looks gel and coat the ends of your hair. This formula will help you achieve the wet, out-of-the-shower look all day long as well even in the most humid of temperatures.  For effect, take a blow dryer and give your hair a once-over. And voila, your hair is rakishly good looking, just like you!

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